What is the WA WHS Act 2020?

WA's Work Health and Safety Act 2020 is a new set of workplace health and safety laws that harmonised WA with the majority of Australian states. In March 2022, the WHS Act replaced:

  • the current Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984
  • WHS elements of the Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994
  • WHS elements of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Safety Levies Act 2011

Under the WHS Act, penalties are tougher, prosecutions are easier and terms are broader. This legislation may change the way you do business, so it's essential you and your colleagues understand your obligations.

Epigroup's has released three online courses to explain the WHS Act. Each course is written by highly acclaimed WHS lawyer and director of Wayland Legal, Greg Smith, and brought to life by our multimedia team and WHS experts.

They're quick, affordable, can be completed anywhere, anytime, and you'll receive a certificate of completion. Each course breaks down the jargon and covers the key legislation changes, penalties and personal liability for employers and employees. Topics covered include: 

  • penalties,
  • terminology,
  • duties,
  • industrial manslaughter,
  • insurance,
  • regulations,
  • strategic considerations,
  • and much more
WHS Act Intro Course

Introduction to the WHS Act with Greg Smith

  • Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Price: $200

This introduction breaks down the jargon and covers the key legislation changes for WA businesses, employers and employees.  This is an essential course for all companies, covering penalties, terms, duties, insurance and much more.


WHS Act: Personal Liability for Company Officers

  • Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Price: $120

Company Officers (directors, managers, supervisors etc.) can now be personally prosecuted. Understand the offences and obligations faced by Company Officers in just half an hour.

Personal Liability for Workers

WHS Act: Personal Liability for Workers

  • Duration: 25 Minutes
  • Price: $60

Workers (employees, contractors, trainees, volunteers etc.) can also be prosecuted under the new laws. Get peace of mind knowing your employees are across their duties and understand the part they play.

WHS Act Course Bundle

WHS Act Bundle: Introduction + 2 Personal Liability Courses

  • Duration: 100 Minutes
  • Price: $300 - save $80 per person

This value bundle includes the Introduction to the WHS Act with Greg Smith, Personal Liability for Company Officers, and Personal Liability for Workers. Grasp the key changes of the Act, plus the obligations of each employee.

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