Psychosocial Risk Management

  • Psychosocial risk assessments 
  • Safety climate surveys
  • Safety strategy and coaching

From risk assessments, to evidence-based climate surveys, to training. If you want to manage the psychosocial risks in your workplace, we have a number of services that will increase engagement and productivity, and decrease staff absenteeism and turnover.

psychosocial risk

Mine Safety Management System

Our experienced consultants have been working with some of Australia's largest mining companies for years. Allow them to map your current SMS to a MSMS to help you stay compliant under the Act.

mine safety management system

WHS Due Diligence Package

  • Systems development and review
  • Assurance activities
  • Reporting

Short on time or have limited resources? Our WHS due diligence package will ensure you stay on the right path with system development, assurance activities, and reporting. Plus it lives on a digital WHS portal, so you can access your info anytime.

whs audit

WHS Act Online Courses

  • Introduction to the WHS Act
  • Personal Liability for Company Officers
  • Personal Liability for Workers

We've partnered with renowned WHS lawyer, Greg Smith, to create a series of short, affordable online courses packed with value. Greg will talk you through the key changes, break down the jargon, and explain the personal liability you face depending on your role.

WHS Act Course Bundle

Psychosocial Hazards – Examples, Legalities and How to Manage Them

Since the pandemic, 85% of workers report declining mental health, making it crucial for organisations to focus on improving worker mental health in the workplace. Learn about common psychosocial hazards, your obligations as an employer and how to manage them.

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How to Show Due Diligence in WHS [Checklist]

WA’s WHS Act has outlined 6 things you need to do to show you've done your due diligence. We directed each one to make it clear what you need to do.


WHS Act 2020: Our Guide to the 6 Key Changes

We teamed up with renowned WHS lawyer Greg Smith to break down the six major changes (complete with explainer videos). Find out what the changes mean for you and your business.


Other ways we can help...


Conduct a Risk Assessment

Work out what's helping your business and what's hindering it. Once you understand the risks to your business and people, deciding how to mitigate or eliminate them gets a whole lot easier. 


Educate Your Team

Our in-house multimedia team can develop custom training content and inductions to get your team up to speed and working safely on site. Get in touch to learn about our video, VR and e-Learning services.


Audit Your Business

Conduct an audit to identify the positives, negatives and any gaps in your processes. If you need a hand, download our free template, or if you'd like us to do it for you, get in touch.


Update Your IMS

Does your safety management system need a refresh? Our specialised consultants will get your business aligned with ISO standards across the quality, safety, health and environmental fields. 

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