Less time, money and WHS uncertainty

Why do Australia’s smartest businesses use e-learning for their WHS inductions? Because it saves time. Your people can get up to speed anytime, anywhere. Because it saves money. One investment covering all your WHS bases. And because it works. E-learning is arguably the most engaging and effective solution for WHS inductions.

Custom WHS induction content for the win

Our WHS e-learning solutions are fully customised, designed to address your unique WHS challenges and branded for your business. It means you can pick and choose from our suite of e-learning options, including video and even virtual reality (VR), finding the most efficient way to onboard new starters and introduce your health and safety procedures.

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Leave the scripting, shooting and editing to us

Once you have chosen from our three e-learning tiers and workshopped the content with us, our multimedia team will take it from there. We’ll write, design, shoot and develop everything, checking in with you along the way to ensure the end product – which you can host on your learning management system or ours – does everything you need it to.

Basic: Our entry-level e-Learning modules

  • Clean, simple and linear design and interface
  • Voice-over narration
  • Text, photos and graphics
  • Basic multiple-choice tests
  • Customised templates (branded for your business)

Intermediate: Dynamic and interactive

  • Interactive pages, with video throughout
  • Voice-over narration
  • Animated text, photos and graphics
  • 360˚ walk-around viewer
  • Advanced knowledge checks

Advanced: Complex, immersive e-Learning experiences

  • Non-linear and blended e-Learning paths
  • Mapping to practical content
  • Game-style knowledge checks
  • Interactive 360˚ knowledge checks

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